Dom Pérignon Brut is an elite, dry Champagne, with a reputation spanning back to the 17th Century. Dom Pérignon is made by blending Chardonnay and Pinot grapes, and is only produced in the best crop years. Dom Pérignon has a bouquet of almonds, cocoa, white fruit, a hint of dried flowers and spices with an elegant, lasting finish. Dom Pérignon champagne is known for being a very delicate champagne with floral notes and fruity flavors like peaches and lemon. Though delicate, the champagne also has great depth and complexity. Vintages have been noted to have hints of almond, smoke, dark berries, and tropical fruits. The champagne is also known for having a creamy texture on the palate. To best enjoy Dom Pérignon the champagne should be served chilled at 50 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit. This is champagne which merits a good champagne glass to concentrate the flavors.
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