METAXA 12 Stars reveals the unique talent of the Metaxa Master and his devotion to delivering supreme smoothness and quality. Embracing fine wine distillates matured in oak casks for up to 12 years and Muscat wines selected exclusively from the semi-mountainous, terraced vineyards of Samos, METAXA 12 stars glows with a radiant amber color flecked with bronze. METAXA 12 Stars has been twelve years in the making. Its lively, concentrated bouquet releases generous aromas of dried flowers and herbs, interwoven with luscious notes of chocolate, butterscotch and hints of orange peel. Enjoy METAXA 12 Stars neat or on a single rock. This smooth blend of METAXA contains distillates aged up to 12 years. Its dark honey colour and the hint of vanilla in its aroma are complemented by a full-bodied,woody taste. This mature spirit will offer you an elegant, assured and authentically Greek moment! TASTING NOTES. Colour: dark honey Aroma: rich, distinctive, muscaty, hint of vanilla Taste: full-bodied, woody, mellow
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